How we help you get the right candidates

Here at JobMedia, we love what we do. We want everyone to be able to find the job they love too! We know you want to find the right candidates for your job postings. Here’s how we help.

We make it easy

Our automated system means you don’t have to do anything. We do it for you. This means no more filling out forms, guessing how much to spend on promotions and PPC campaigns, and no more clicking!
You don't need to coordinate any painful integration between vendors, and usually you don't need to work with your ATS (we're good at that!)

Advanced Technology

We use advanced machine learning to process and enrich your jobs.
This means the optimizing adapts over time to changes in the market without you having to do it yourself.
Our services are run entirely in Google's Cloud and everything scales infinitely, automatically.
Our renderings of your jobs are fully responsive and look great on mobile devices!

The Process

1. We collect your jobs from your career sites, your ATS, or job distributor.

2. Our advanced AI engine optimizes your jobs, using "big data", data classification algorithms, performance history of similar jobs, and street level location information about the work site.

3. We structure the jobs as "Job Cards" and submit them to Google's search index, where because they have such rich information, they are prioritized ahead of most other job postings.

End Result

We publish your jobs to Google, where they are indexed and put in front of relevant local candidates using ‘job cards’. So they see your post first, with a lot less effort.

Job Card view


We love what we do so much we made a video!

Watch our explainer video to find out more on what we do.



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